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Christiane Molendyk

Together we can create Inspiring moments and unforgettable memories ............

The Value and Importance of a Photograph

Photographs often speak a thousand unspoken words

Photographs have a way of sharing our adventures, ideas, experiences, joys, and can often leave us breathless.

Photographs connect us with our past,  engage us with our present, and are cherished memories in our future.

Photographs are a documentation of our lives,  our family origins, and provides a record of existence of our being long after we have  passed.

Photographs provide an opportunity and insight for future generations regarding their family dynamics and history.

Photographs are placed at the top of the list as most valuable at a moments notice in a state of emergency.

Photographs are like our finest treasures, we find it difficult to part with them. 

Photographs often become our brag books in all of its splendor displays our pride and joys, a sense of style and many accomplishments

Photographs contain our emotions whether it be laughter, a simple smile, and even tears as we reflect upon their precious moments,

Photographs hold so much value and importance .............

Written by;
Christiane Molendyk